of Autism


Painting brighter futures!

“Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the
success of all students.” -

As parents, we all have hopes and dreams of our children excelling in school and becoming productive citizens of society. One of the most devastating things to experience is being told that your child is different….no matter what term they use (i.e. developmentally delayed, autistic, etc.), it hurts. I was in denial at first, secretly hoping that my child would “grow out of it.” Well, he didn’t! LOL

He is my motivation for establishing Shades of Autism. When he graduated from high school, he felt like he should go off to college. I mean why not, that’s what people do when they graduate from high school. So, I began the task of searching for programs in the DFW area that provided post-secondary training as well as “dorm life” that would allow him to learn the skills he needed to live independently. It didn’t seem to exist. I found a program in the Houston area and he attended there and graduated with a certificate from VAST Academy at Houston Community College. He came back a more confident and independent young man. The skills he learned are invaluable. We believe every capable child with an intellectual or developmental disability should have this experience.
HCC - VAST Academy April 30, 2016
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